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Welcome to the programming resource of Tiger Computer Services Ltd. Our aim is to regularly post solutions to common problems as we come across them in our general development work. This will include full source code examples and libraries will be posted, ready for you to use directly in your own applicatons. All we ask is that you acknowledge this web site,, within your source code.

Getting started - navigating the site

If you are familiar with the London Underground tube system you will already know how to get around codecorner, as navigation is based on the London Underground tube map. The original map was designed by Harry Beck in 1933, and a short history of the original design can be found here. Real tube gurus will notice we have used the real Underground font for all station names and to create the actual tube line maps themselves.

We have isolated specific technology areas. These have become tracks. Each track has it's own unique colour, and if you select one of the coloured boxes you will find it takes you to the home page for that track.

At the top of each home page is the entire track, with the various topics on that track represented by stations - just click on the station name to access the articles. If you see a station shown as a black circle, this indicates where several technology areas combine in a single project or article.

Idiot's Guide to Replacing SourceSafe with SubVersion

Liam Westley was at the second DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! day on 22 October 2005. His topic was a quick guide to running the SubVersion version control system under Windows and VS.NET 2003. You can find full details of the event at

The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded as a ZIP file from here. The presentation contains full speakers notes which include all the step by step instructions for the demonstrations.